Conference in Palace

Thinking about organizing a corporate meeting, team-building trip or training in a unique setting and an exceptional place? Take advantage of our Palace****, located away from the noise of the city, among forests and surrounded by a beautifully maintained garden and park complex dating back to the 7th century, with a private lake and walking tracts….
In stylish interiors we have created a very functional Training and Conference Center, in a unique environment we organize conferences, symposiums, congresses, promotional exhibitions. Conference rooms from 20 to 150 seats, professional audiovisual equipment and qualified staff will provide comfortable working conditions.
Our offer includes the organization of all kinds of business meetings – including conferences, presentations, training courses and integration meetings. Professional service ensures the smooth running of meetings, and the stylish interiors of the luxury hotel will add prestige to them.

Room Settings

Conference room | second floor

located on the second floor, accessible by elevator or stairs, air-conditioned, soundproofed
setting: cinematic 70 | school 50 | U shaped 50

Main Hall

due to its central location, it is an ideal place to organize presentations or lectures
setting: cinematic 100

Sala Kryształowa

the most beautiful of all restaurant rooms, ideal for a seated concert
setting: cinematic 150 | U shaped 60


room among green plants, there is no possibility of its shading
setting: cinematic 40 | school 30 | U shaped 26

Sala Kominkowa

intimate room with private terrace and view of the park and lake
setting: cinematic 30 | school 20 | U shaped 20

Sala Rycerska

room on the lowest floor with a terrace and direct access to the garden
setting: cinematic 40

Sala VIP

smallest room, located at the entrance to the Hotel
setting: cinematic 10 | common table 14

Hotel rooms

The hotel complex has 62 rooms including 5 suites offering a total of 130 beds. It is possible to rent the entire Palace on an exclusive basis or a few rooms. For more atmospheric corporate meetings, we offer exclusive rental of the Hunting Residence, which has 12 rooms with a total of max. 28 beds. In addition, guests can use the swimming pool, tennis courts, gym, petanque track, billiards.

Discounts on hotel rooms: in the months of October through April, you can expect a 20% discount on regular prices.

Princes Apartments

for one person – 710zł
for two people – 355zł / person
dla three people – 290zł / person

Superior room

for one person – 470zł
for two people – 290zł / person
for three people – 253zł / person

Standard room

for one person – 400zł
for two people – 255zł / person
for three people – 230zł / person

Przerwa kawowa

Coffee brake

Choose the most suitable for your guests: sweet (25zl/person) or salty-sweet (35zl/person). Extend it for the whole day at 100% of the price.


Musical attraction

At your request, we will commission a violinist, string trio, or pianist.


Not only for the ladies

Enjoy a wide range of treatments at the hotel’s spa in your free time.

Drink Bar

Not only for the gentlemen

You are welcome to visit the hotel’s Drink Bar at your leisure. We have a wide range of good whiskeys, cognacs and wines.

Walk through the Conference Rooms

You can use the ruler available in the lower left corner to measure the rooms you are interested in.


O N E – T I M E

coffee | tea in the coffee bar
sparkling water | still water
fruit juices
mini cakes

Sweet + salty

O N E – T I M E

coffee | tea in the coffee bar
sparkling water | still water
fruit juices
sandwiches | tartines
sausages | pickles
cookies | mini caces

Coffee brake


Our gastronomy

Grill & Ognisko

Grill & Bonfire

On warm days, we will prepare a barbecue at your request with a variety of meats, roast suckling pig, sour soup in bread, pickles, salads and also beer from a pouring machine.

Obiad w bufecie

Buffet lunch

Lunch or dinner served in buffet style, 2 picks to choose from soups, main courses and desserts, plus still water with lemon and mint.

Obiad serwowany

Served lunch

Lunch or dinner served, 3-course: soup, main course, dessert, still water with lemon and mint, coffee & tea.

1376 - Utenhjkksils

Gala dinner

Served 4-course gala dinner: starter, soup, main course, dessert. Buffets: cold, hot, sweet.

Live cooking


Individual dishes can be prepared especially for you by the Chef. We can also prepare a culinary demonstration.

Bufet słodki


Cold, hot and sweet buffets, after dinner, throughout your reception.

Tu sie pracuje

Conference room equipment

Free of charge: projector, screen, flipchart, sound system, TV, DVD, lectern, WiFi.
Additional charge: stage, technical support.

Hall (100m2)

To serce Bursztynowego Pałacu. Elegancki hall z podestem, pomieści do 100 osób siedzących.

Oranżeria (57m2)

Widowiskowa przeszklona przestrzeń z bezpośrednim widokiem na ogród, może pomieścić  do 60 krzeseł w rzędach, lub do 50 przy stolikach.

Sala rycerska (94m2)

Ta największa sala położona na najniższej kondygnacji, pomieści do 60 miejsc w rzędach lub do 45 przy stołach.

Sala Kryształowa (132m2)

Najpiękniejsza, na codzień część restauracji – na potrzeby spotkań może pomieścić do 150 krzeseł w rzędach lub 110 przy stołach

Sala konferencyjna II piętro (67m2)

Ta sala może pomieścić do 60 miejsc przy stołach lub 80 w rzędach. Idealna do obrad przy zamkniętych drzwiach. Dostęp windą lub klatką schodową.

Sala kominkowa (41m2)

Ta kameralna sala z indywidualnym tarasem i widokiem na jezioro pomieści do 40 miejsc w rzędach, lub 25 miejsc przy stołach. Znajduje się najbliżej wejścia, tuż przy recepcji hotelu.

Night Club (148m2)

Ten nocny klub jest idealny do spotkań w luźnej atmosferze. Przy stolikach może się pomieścić do 50 osób.

Contact us

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Conditions for organising a company meeting

Booking The order must be made in writing | A deposit of 20% of the expected costs is required as a prerequisite for the booking | Up to 30 days before the booking, the orderer is required to complete the deposit to 80% of the expected costs of the order.

Cancellation In the event of non-payment of the deposit, the hotel has right to cancel the organisation of the reception | The deposit of 20% of the anticipated costs – is non-refundable in any case of cancellation | If the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the planned organisation of the reception, the client is obliged to pay 80% of the planned costs of the entire ordered service.

Contact details


Phone number 1: (+48) 943161227
Phone number 2: (+48) 943161442


Reception e-mail:
Sales department e-mail:


Addres: Strzekęcino 1
76-024 Świeszyno, next to Koszalin
Voivodship Zachodniopomorskie | Poland


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